Have you felt like you were split into two people–one that shows up in the world and the other one that embraces all that you are spiritually?

Please join me in learning and experiencing tools which will help you merge your two personalities and become your one true self.

The Hard Road is Not Necessarily the "Right Road"

In our society, we honor people for their strength--in war, in politics and in our communities. They are the people who fought for what they believed in and usually, against all odds, succeeded. In many ways, these honorees are role models for us. We try to emulate them in our own actions and the way we live our lives. But,  when we fight against something, we are mustering all of our energy to push against whatever it is we are focusing upon. We are resisting what is, with all of our strength.

What we resist, persists. That's because we are throwing our energy against it and as a result, it becomes even bigger. Energy attracts energy--negative or positive energy.

We've all heard about a war against drugs (and now opioids), a war against hate, a war against name it.

Mother Teresa is quoted as saying, "Don't invite me to a war rally. If you have a peace rally, invite me."

Use your inner guidance to move you towards the positive--so that you are working "for" rather "against" something. Envision yourself acting against something and then envision yourself acting for the reverse and take note how you feel. That's your inner guidance showing the way.