Tonight is Election Night. We’ve been watching in eager anticipation and, as some results come in, we may feel disappointment is just around the corner. When we wake up in the morning, disappointment may be replaced by desperation. But, we are the same person we were yesterday…and the day before…and the day before that. Nothing that happens around us can change the sense of who we are, unless we let it. All that we hold dear…is still here. Our hopes and dreams–they haven’t left us. We know that whatever we are faced with, we can stay true to ourselves and not only survive, we can thrive. Our job is to look past what is happening in the moment and seek out that wisdom of who we really are. That wisdom is in all of us and is the foundation of our very nature. It won’t give up on us and in fact, will quietly turn to face new challenges and transform our perspective of what is. It will prepare us for the new journey ahead so that we can face it with eyes…and hearts…wide open.

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