Just when our anxiety about Covid-19 may have started feeling manageable, another unforeseen and earth-shattering event happened–the senseless murder of a black man at the hands of four Minneapolis officers. If that wasn’t disconcerting enough, his murder became the catalyst for demonstrations and riots in cities throughout the world. These riots resulted in destroying the livelihoods and cultural landmarks of the people already harmed through systemic racism. It was troubling and scary for days when random acts of violence erupted in cities within a few to thousands of miles away from the scene of the crime. It seems like once again, we are facing an upheaval in our way of life.

Ihaleakala Hew Len, a therapist in Hawaii, worked for four years at a mental hospital with patients that were extremely dangerous and many were criminally insane. Staff turnover was high due to the violent environment. Without seeing a single patient, he reviewed patient files and “cleaned” himself, using Ho’oponopono. After a few months, patients that had been shackled could walk freely; heavily medicated patients were getting off their medications and patients were released. Staff returned and after four years, the ward was closed. Dr. Len said the secret was “simply healing the part of me that created them.”

Ho’oponopono helps heal negative feelings and reactions that are in you as well as others. This practice may help you cope with these challenges.

Here’s how to practice it:

Think about someone or situation that you need to forgive. Close your eyes and put your attention on your heart. Repeat these four phrases until you feel a shift in how you feel about that person or the situation.

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

I love you.

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