We’re all living our lives differently than before Covid-19. We know there will be an end to our quarantine. What are those changes that you are living that you would like to continue once things go back to a “new normal?” Maybe it is keeping in better touch with your loved ones; continuing a hobby you just started; maintaining an exercise and wellness regimen you created; meditating or just being mindful of each moment of your day. Whatever fills your heart and makes you feel complete are important to continue. During this time, we are more aware of what we are doing because things have slowed down for most of us. But, now that you are more aware of how you are feeling, it is important to continually make choices so that your life continues to be intentional. When life is hectic, it is easier to just “do” without “being.” Many of us have the opportunity to practice just “being” right now. Write down those things that you would like to continue doing post-quarantine. Better still, also write in a journal about what makes you happy every day. Just the task of writing it down will help you reflect on what is really important to you and will serve as a good reminder when things get back to a “new normal.”

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