It boggles the mind, doesn’t it? The entire world is grappling with an invader we know little about. It seems like everyday there are more cases, more closings, more fear. We know this is not the first pandemic we will live through–there are more to come–that’s because we are living in a worldwide community. The lessons we will learn for Covid-19 will become the foundation for dealing with future invaders. But, you and I haven’t changed. We are the same people we were last week–it’s just that the information we are barraged with is different. In some ways, it could change our worldview. Maybe this crisis seems bigger than anything you’ve been faced with before. But, it’s not different than choosing other things to let into our lives…we know, more than ever, that we have to be intentional. We have to choose where to focus our attention, our energy and and our time. Are we going to let breaking news scatter our sense of security continually or are we going to remind ourselves and those we love what is meaningful and important to us and focus our attention, our energy and our time on that. Spread the word…We’ve Got This!

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