As you go through your day, do you do it with authenticity? I think it is fair to say that most workplaces are political–meaning that there are certain written and unwritten rules about conduct, hierarchy and expectations. Perhaps the day flies by and you realize that you were on automatic pilot and behaving in a way that others expected you to or that had become a habit. Reflecting upon your day, you may be amazed that you acted the way you did, especially because you had some strong feelings that may have played out differently if you were more aware of your actions.

One of the best ways is to be more intentional about your day. Before you leave home in the morning, take a few minutes to reflect on what is on your calendar–who are you meeting with and why–and what outcomes you would like from those meetings. What projects will you be working on? What type of an impact would you like to have on the projects?

Then, see yourself going to those meetings and working on those projects. FEEL what it’s like to be doing those things. FEEL what would make those meetings and projects successful to you and ACT on those feelings. You will be acting from a place of wisdom.

As you become more authentic in your day, you will begin to see the world in a new way–with a newfound wisdom. Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu teachings indicate that we all have the ability to be acting from a higher level of consciousness. They refer to our “third eye,” which is an invisible eye that looks at the world with a sense of knowing and goes beyond the physical world.

Incorporating this “third eye” into our everyday world requires patience and practice. The same amount of love and patience we give to a child, we should give to ourselves in developing our own sense of knowing.

Your spirit has an incredible knowledge base that you have built up through the millenia. That wisdom is available to you and it can be reached, but you have to know how to do it. The best way to access it is through meditation, when you quiet your mind and see with your third eye.

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